SnIpIn PwNeRs
Tag: [PWND] Fani: 1 Stworzono: 13.11.2011

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The goal of this platoon is to be the best fighters in the game. Now dont go getting to competitive we are also having fun PWNing people who thought they could snipe. So go out there and shoot some damn heads off.

Ok so ppl are askin me if im sure about them joinin heres the thing. On the ground in the action we have assualt, support, and egineer right. Assualt healin bros that are down or wounded. Support giving ammo when needed. And the Engineers taking out assholes in vechiles like bosses. In the back ground of battle you have your snipers helping out the most using the MAV to spot and kill and destroy enemy equipment, and sniping heads off, basiclly watching everyones back. So if we roll like this more than most platoons we can be the best and when challenges come we will fight to end.

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