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Who are we?

The db Community is an international multigaming community.
We originally started as a Dutch clan for Battlefield 2142. after Battlefield 2142 we were inactive for a while due to a lack of interest towards Battlefield: Bad Company 2. When Battlefield 3 came around we decided to make a fresh start with the clan, so here we are with Battlefield 4.
Our community is besides gaming, also about fun on our teamspeak and our forum. This i why we don’t only play on our own, but also on random servers. We are also always interested in clanwars or funwars.

You can find us at:

Are you interested in joining our community? These are the requirements:

» You are at least 17 years old (exceptions are made sometimes).
» You own (at least) one of the games we feature.
» You have Teamspeak 3 installed and you have a microphone (preferably a headset).
» You have team spirit.
» You have a friendly personality.
» You are at least a few times a week online on aswell teamspeak as in-game.
» And last but not least, you need a good sense of humor.

If you meet these requirements and want to join us, sign up on our website: (you will need to wait untill an admin activates your account).

We hope to see you on our Teamspeak, website and gameservers!

This platoon is member-only, so you need to be invited to join. You can always become a fan :)

Regards from The db Community staff!


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