Trollin' Till We Die
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We're trolltastic! If you're on between 8PM and 8AM, there is a strong chance you will have a rather unfortunate string of "bad luck" ;-)
If you die of bad luck and you hear the distinct sound of a hummer driving away, you have been trolled.
If you see 5 people suicide in rapid succession, you have been trolled.
If your waiting for a chopper or using a stinger in your own deployment and randomly die of bad luck, you have been trolled.
If you are trying to take off in a jet and you crash into a helicopter parked on the runway, you have been trolled.
If you die immediately in your spawn at the beginning of a round, you have been trolled.
We give more T-bags than Lipton.
Don't try to stop us, we're team killing extraordinaires.
We won't stop untill you rage quit.

You know what I'm sayin?

...Hatemail is always welcome.


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