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TEAM ALPHA 7 was established in 2006 as a competetive online gaming team, specializing in titles across the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3.

We are officially sponsored and have official partners we work with, such as BlackBerry and Great Ormond Street Children's Charity.

We are a multi-gamining team so we do participate across different genres with each team being managed by a Manager. This structure ensures our teams are being managed effectively, competeing at the highest level whilst adhering to our code of conduct and representing our sponsors, partners in the best possible manner.

We believe in a inclusive approach to online gaming with a fun but mature atmoshphere where members feel at home and are encouraged to develop themselves further, rather than being penalised for mistakes.

The most important aspect to TA7 is the 'team' aspect as we believe that no one individual is bigger than the team!
Welcome to Team Alpha 7
The sole purpose of this platoon is to bring a good group of player's together and challenge or be challenged by any platoon's/clan's. This is an active, mature and fun platoon. So if you feel like you'd fit in just simply apply on the battlelog and message TA7 I Crazy AcE or TA7 I LETHAL via xbl. 
We will be playing in 8v8 conquest ladder matches.                                         -------------------------------- 
You will need to sign up on:
The basic requirement's consist of the following. 
1. Must have a mic, and know when to talk. Exhibit good team communication. Such as spotting and be able to call out the location's and direction's of vehicle's/infantry. 
2. Have a k/d of 1.4 - Minimum (Depending on you're role) 
3. Do not complain frequently or be negative during matches/regular pub game's. (It doesn't help anybody) 
4. Have fun but have a good demeanor about what you are doing. 
5. Represent TA7 on a professional level.  
Recruitment status - Recruiting 
Current Roster Need's - 
Infantry (Assault) 4
Jet Pilot's (2) (That can also play the ground 
Current Roster -  
Infantry - 
1. TA7 I Coopy  Assualt
2. TA7 I Zero. Support
3. TA7 I Crazy AcE. Assualt
4.  TA7 I Matty. Assualt
5.  Leth4l_Th3OrY. Engineer
6. Kyleglen. Engineer
7. TA7 I Scout Assualt
8. TA7 I SIX Engineer
9. Germo87 Support
10. DjWax90 TBC
Tank/Gunner - 
1. TA7 CrazyAcE. / Driver
2. Leth4l_TH3OrY. / Gunner
3. TA7 I Scout /Driver
4. FrostyIsMelting /Driver
IFV/Gunner - 
1.  FrostyIsMelting /Driver
Jet - 
1. TA7 I Coopy. /Pilot
2. TA7 I Matty. /Pilot
3.  II A7X II /Pilot
Chopper/Gunner - 
1. TA7 I Crazy Ace.      Pilot
2. TA7 I ZERO             Gunner
Scout Chopper Pilot - 
2. TA7 I Scout. /Pilot

Note: any spot or position may be contested in which will be a 1v1 for that job

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