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Welcome To [F]amous:

About [F]amo"US":
[F]amous created by ucK iTz sKi started off as a very small, tight knit, dedicated group of players all looking for the same thing. We here at [F]amous believe in one thing and one thing only... teamwork. Battles are won by individuals, but wars are won by teams. We believe that in order to be successful, in order to achieve greatness, to become the best we can be we need to work together hand-in-hand. The members here at [F]amous know, understand, and live by this. [F]amous does not seek players with high K/DR's, SPM's, or W/LR's. We believe a players true talent, play style, and dedication cannot be determined by a number. Rather we look for three main things... Teamwork, communication, and respect. We are successful because of these things.

[F]amous is not a name, not a symbol, not something we strive to become, but rather we are a [F]amily. Our members here are more than just faceless gamers. Some here are [F]riends in real life, while others make the game more personal and call each other by their first names. This makes us a tighter group than most teams/platoons. We are constantly seeking self and team improvement. Members here critique each other as they play and aren't afraid to speak their minds to a fellow member (good or bad) if it means benefiting [F]amous as a whole. [F]amous is made up of three core values;

☆ [F]ortitude:
...mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, or adversity courageously... Even if the odds are stacked against us rank wise, if we find ourselves losing a game, or the other team is resorting to cheap tactics we overcome it. Using teamwork and communication we play the objective, we play to win, and we play until the round is over... Win or loss.

☆ [F]ocused:
…to concentrate attention or energy… Our platoon here consistently focuses on the objective at hand even if again a loss is inevitable. We strive to be the best we can be and again consistently try to improve our statistics with each and every game. No matter the game type [F]amous will play the objective and we will play it to win.

☆ [F]ierce:
…strenuously active or resolute / extremely intense… Our platoon is very objective oriented. Arming an MCOM, capping an objective, or getting a kill you can always find our members on the move. As you may notice by our high platoon score per minute each and every single member is constantly on the go. [F]amous can not only be very aggressive, but when it comes time to it we also play a very intense defense.


More Information:
We also have our very own dedicated server located in East U.S. called "[F]amous Team Server". Please feel free to drop by at any time to meet a member who may be potentially online, or to just have some good fun and friendly competition. NOTE: We play Conquest game modes with normal settings on all BF3 Classic maps with the exception of Tehran Highway. (For more information on the server please visit the team site).

If you are seeking a clan match with us please message ucK iTz sKi, OiledPelicanEgg, or write in the Forums on our site. Please give us at least a weeks notice before scheduling a match and be flexible. Please visit The "Most" [F]amous Platoon presentation for more information regarding scrims.



Interested In Becoming [F]amous?:
Before applying to the Platoon there are a few key factors you will need to meet in order for your application to even be considered;

☆ You MUST have a working microphone.
☆ You MUST be able to speak English.
☆ You MUST be a team player who can communicate with others easily.
☆ You should be at least 18 years of age or older.
☆ You should be at least a Col. rank.
☆ You should have a K/DR of at least a 1.0 or higher.
☆ You should have a SPM of at least 400 or greater.
☆☆ The more versatile you are the better. If you are a well rounded player who doesn't focus on one thing that appeals to us more.
☆☆☆ NOTE: Before your application will be even considered you will need to play with some members of [F]amous first. Get to know the team so the team can get to know you and your play style. Exceptions can always be made to any player. Again [F]amous is not about stats, but rather teamwork, communication, and respect. Above all... These 3 factors come first!

Team [F]amous:
Interested in playing for our competitive team? Head on over to Team [F]amous and send us an application. We are constatly looking for elite, talented, and competitive players who enjoy scrimming!
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241199181462/#! /bf3/platoon/2832655241387788166/

If you have any other questions or comments or just want to know more about our platoon please don't hesitate in contacting ucK iTz sKi (Founder) or Jasen A, OiledPelicanEgg (Team Leaders) and we will gladly address your concern. See you in game!

[F] A M O U S ☆

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