Task Force 96
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This is TASK FORCE 96
We play as a team no questions asked
Willing to train the new to get to our standards
We operate as separate Party when in squads and communicate to other squads using spot.

Must Wear our Platoon tag
Must be able to communicate clearly or at least hear us
Must use spot this is your first main weapon
Must work as a squad
No immaturity
If your inactive for more than a week without explanation your gone
Must leave all platoons but us unless you own one or if you have good reason.
Squad layout ( May change at any notice this now )

Task Force 1
This is the main assault Group
They take the objective and hold them while putting
pressure on the enemy by always attacking aggressively.

-Oliveira117 (leader of TF1 Alpha)

Task Force 2
This is the Support group
They provide the anti armour and air by reliving the pressure on Task Force 1 as they get the objective done. They may also fight along side Task Force 1 as extra fire power and repair Task force 3 vehicles.

-TheRealscripts(leader of TF2 Bravo)

Task Force 3
The Armoured Group.
They roll along side or behind Task force 1 to provide cover fire and to knock out enemy armour and blow covers in walls and buildings.

-morgan6137(leader of TF3 charlie)

Task Force 4
The Air Group
They are charged with knocking out air units and provide air assistance to the group. They also transport both Task Force 1 and 2 to get to the objectives.

-Redstripe101(leader of TF4 Delta)


This group has the new guys who need to up their levels and find out what squad will suit them and the rest of the platoon the best way possible.



speak to leaders and for squad updates speak to me you will be assigned a squad and you will add all members.
TF 1:Oliveira117
TF 2: TheRealscripts
TF 3: Hindson2011
TF 4: Redstripes101

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