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COLONIAL MARINE CORPS: Worldwide Xbox 360 Platoon.

I am Cpl Apone,I have setup this platoon to be part of the every growing battlefield 3 world, I plan to eventually recruit 100 members, this will take time, and advertising, but it is my goal, Primarily it will be a fun based platoon, ie Non competetive, although i may consider this based on any requests from members, although i am the founder of this platoon i will listen to all members views and requests and make it enjoyable for all. Stats will not be considered to join, as we all have to learn and platoons are a great way for this to happen, all i ask is that you respect me and each other and adhere to some basic guidlines.


-Members must use clan tag (CMC)

-Mic preferable

-Add members on Battlelog and XBL

-Aim to win/Good teamwork

-Show respect to all

-Aim to improve your game where possible

-Be active on battlelog

-Most of all............. Have fun!!


Battlefield 3 stats- (Great detail)


Battlefield 3 blog-

Elite squad-

Reaper Squad
(Obviously) Colonial Marine Corps2

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