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For those teams who wants to scrim 12v12 in conquest mode.

Please add your informations like this :
Name / Contact(s)
Ex : InFamouS / InFamouS SteaL - InFamouS DeaL

Teams :

InFamouS / InFamouS SteaL - InFamouS DeaL

LeGenDs / LGD Junkie

Epsilon / EpsilonL1CKSHOT

Iconic / xPaYn3o

Very Bad Team / HeLLNinio

Team SOA / AnarchYxCHINEY

Bad Trip Community / Peufa

Team Dz5 / Dc5 BuBbLe5

SHOCK AWE / SnA Reflect

mythiX.Winamax / heiizeR

SolidersOfDestruction / AxUxBxUxRxN

Excessive Force / xF Hades


Tier 1 Operators / T10 CommandoPro

Exile / SimonSaysN0

Empire Gaming / RedStrikerX2

Combined Tactical Ops / c4rp3diem

BOMB2BALLZ / b 0Guilem0

Pro Battle Squad / Sn0wm4n PBx

Desert Wolves / OthideusBezzel

222nd Army Battalion / mm4619

Ceberus Network TWO / CNT CrazyLoveX

CAK / slobbyknobbins

Binary Gaming / bNy KRI

The Gun Show / LeadRak6


Allies in Arms / Sparticus039

The Main Attraction (TmA) / iMorbid

Team SXY / Raskilinov, Auto1000

Famous / ucK iTz sKi - OiledPelicanEgg

Team ITFN - ITFN Fakie

Team Icarus / TI Shot2

Pinnacle / x6CerberuS

Mercenaries Britain / Vermin Actual

Alexx SN / Comandos Anfíbios

Hybrid x Gaming / HybriD x INK

Why are we different from other platoons?

Much more Selection in teams there is alot more european squads out there, that the american teams dont know. Thanks for your time Goodluck In Finding Wars :D

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