The Jihading Platoon
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This Platoon is for Yesh Gamers/or non Yesh Gamers who enjoy beating up the enemy with anything to everything while having a good competition with each other.

King of The Jihad: cr210rod

Prince of The Jihad: coldbloodkillaa

Where ya goin' bro?: Direct impact one explode another enemy (total of two with one bolt fired) with the High Explosive bolt.

You'll poke your eye out kid: Get three headshots with the XBOW in one match.

Two birds with one Arrow?: Get a two kill collateral with the XBOW! (its not impossible because I've done it)

Homemade Javelin: Unlock the homemade Javelin trophy for PSN. (how? well I'm not telling ya)

Try hard: Get a 100 hundred meter kill with the XBOW.


AIMBOT! : RPG a Jet.

Bonus Challenge: Shoot an enemy out of an air vehicle with the XBOW. 3 points :D

minim08's challenge: Destroy or disable a jet with the Explosive XBOW bolt. 1 point for disable & 2 for destroy.

catbacker1911's challenge, Nice save! Kill an enemy who's taking your teammates dog tags. (teammate cannot die)

cr210rod's challenge, Slaughter: Get 15 kill with the Xbow in one match. (2 points)

cr210rod's challenge 2, You mad bro?: Kill someone in a jeep with a Xbow.

The Hit-list:
Founder of the jihading platoon (warning If I knife you back you lose all the points you've earned!) : 10 points
King of the jihading platoon: 3
Prince of the jihading platoon: 2
Level 100 hundred colonel: 2
A Yesh 100 hundred colonel: 4
The Founder of Yesh Gaming(xRobertTheBrucex) : 10
The leaders of Yesh Gaming: 5
A Famous BF3 Youtuber: 10

Have a challenge request? Tell me & I'll make it a challenge, no matter how ridiculous.

cr210rod: 2
catbacker1911: 2

Whoever has the most challenges completed by The end of the week will become the King, same goes to become the Prince get second place in challenges completed by the end of the week. New Challenges will be added most likely every 1-3 days. Older Challenges will be discarded every 2-5 days. Now if you complete a discarded challenge on the day its discarded It will still count. (Please tell the Truth because Its not like I can tell if your lying, I go with whatever you say. Plus its no fun to others if you lie)

This Platoon will fully support Yesh Gaming. If your interested about joining The Yesh Gaming community just type in Yesh Gaming (Yesh Gaming 1 & 2 may be full, if so join Yesh Gaming 3) read the presentation and apply. If you have any other questions about Yesh Gaming Talk to xRobertTheBrucex

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