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XBOX 360!

server name : CQ metro,seine,bazaar , double tickets europe server.

maps : metro,seine crossing and some bazaar/canals! (conquest).

tickets: 200 procent
mode: normal , core.


** team balance : we try to balance things out a bit when the difference is too big (stacked teams,repeated baserape). if you want to play together with a friend or more than 1 friend , i recommend using the same clantag, in that way we wontsplit you guys up.

**reasons to kick : this is a european server, if we see someone with extreme lag and the profile says you are from the other site of the globe, we might need to take action. extreme lag as in : rubber banding across the map.if you are from europe , dont worry about this. people with a fast connection from the east of US should be able to play on our server too.

**reasons to ban : any form of exploiting (for example getting under the floor at C on metro) will result in a permanent ban. if we catch someone boosting we also ban, and report to dice.

**if you think a admin (we have 5, all of them helped financing) kicked/banned you for a bullshit reason or is just butthurt, add me as friend on battlelog and post the battle report. i will take care of it.

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