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***This Platoon is new and is currently still in the recruiting stage***
ROGUƎlite is looking for certin type of player and qualifications. each player must be able to meet these things inorder to join ROGUƎ-
1. You must be able to control your raging, crying an not take it out on teammates
2. Minimal K/D 1.8 and SPM 500, we need experience
3. You must be able to work as a team, that includes revives, supply ammo, and apply tactics we use as a team.
4. You must be Mic capable, and currently only taking Rogu3 players suggestd by sister platton leaders ( other members will be considerd by vote of leaders)
5. Personality comes before stats, if your a good player but dont play well with others we will tell you and we will kick you.
6. All Elite players must wear the ROGUE tags

Because ROGUƎlite is still in the recruiting stage we are currently looking for specialty players. If you are one of these two specialty players you will be considered despite K/D and SPM. the two are-
* All armor
* Pilots
ROGUƎlite leaders are a follows-

*Alpha Squad*
SQD Leader- Snooky905
SQD Mates- Catdogweez
SQD Mates- Curtiswv42
SQD Mates- Jsleep420
*Bravo Squad*
SQD Leader-Firefighting1993
SQD Mates- Mattao313
SQD Mates- F3erral
SQD Mates- Cold69
*Charlie Squad*
SQD Leader- Ilovebeef
SQD Mates- L3GiOn-LiB3rTy
SQD Mates- awyman13
SQD Mates- *Open*
*Delta Squad*
SQD Leader- *Open*
SQD Mates- *Open*
SQD Mates- *Open*
SQD Mates- *Open*
Members will choose two of three postions to play during practice and clan battles. All Ground will choose three classes to float threw during matches (only select few will have free run of all classes).All open slots must be filled before matches all extras will be asigned a Squad as an back-up to players that dont make it if still not enough players we will dip into Rogu3 and grab top players to fill positions
1. No base Raping (once those wheeles leave ground their fair game)

Jet Pilot-ab2zodiac
Jet pilot-Curtiswv42
Heli pilot-Firefighting1993 Gunner-
Heli pilot- Gunner L- Gunner R-
1.Medics watch your revives(meaning clear area first) If u dont want to be revived please state before match begins.
Engineer- Ilovebeef,Firefighting1993
All C's-Snooky905
1.Atleast one memeber in armor will be engineer if not both -dont forget repair tool-

Driver-A10-Warthog Gunner-Dominick
Driver-*Snooky905* Gunner-
Driver- Gunner-
*positions are not final- if you feel you can do just as well or better then do so if permitted*

*****we also need some one to join both platoons for recording pourposes****

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