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"From the moment to hit the seas, till' you hit land. You are Marine Recon." -srgntpwned-
"I am Fire, I am Death. I am the Dragon of FCON!" -JadeDragon00

(This platoon was created to simulate the USMC's FORECON)

FORECON is trained highly in all conditions of warfare, to match any type of warzone. Most of what we play is based on Milsim/Roleplay Realism, and stealth tactics to complete the job.

You must be over the rank of 10, 13 years of age or older, A lust for MilSim/Roleplay, and determined to finish the job.


_=*1st Reconnaissance Battalion: Operational*=_

-[CDT] JadeDragon
-[CDT] The True Recon
-[CDT] Noah 661
-[CDT] HunterZeMenice
-[PVT] Microwacko78
-[PVT] Bopps0x0
-[PVT] AnvilZeroOne
-[PVT] UrBaNlJoNeS85
-[PVT] Oh Blur
-[PVT] Bobthecorncob
-[PVT] Rockernation6
-[PVT] Deadlyninja951
-[PVT] Jonsey xXx
-[PVT] Reaperxa1
-[SGT] Nateballzz
-[SGT] NotMeMoe
-[SGT] duckman227
-[SGT] dreamguardian90
-[SGT] GoonerxBK
-[SGMJ] Devon Iz King
-[CPTN] Shady Wulf---Sniper/Recon leader
-[CLN] v Radzyy
-[CLN] AbusiveNinja--Medic/Assualt Leader
-[CLN] Keza2012--All Class Leader
-[TMLD] Srgntpwned--Main Command/Team Leader
Force Recon LINKS:


Group Guide:

[CDT] Cadet
[PVT] Private
[SGT] Sergeant
[SGMJ] SGT Major--Officer Cadets
[CPTN] Captain--Snipers
[CLN] Colonel--Trainers&Squad Leaders
[TMLD] Team Leader--Squad Command


-(USNS) Act of Valor Seal Team
-(RMC) Army Division
----------------------------------------------------------------------SHOUT RULES-----------------------------------------------


Additional Info:

I recommend that you all read the FORECON General Guide. It explains how to rank up and answers most of your questions. If you are asking questions that it does not contain, message an officer.

Team Leader: Srgntpwned

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