Phoenix Rising
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★Pheonix Rising★

Phoenix Rising is currently unable to do 12x12 clan matches at this time, however, squad rush and maybe conquest domination might be possible. If you are interested in a clan vs clan practicing with us, just contact a leader and we'll try to organize it with you.
RECRUITMENT: We are looking for talented and non-raging players who like to, and can handle, competition maturely. We are about having fun first and foremost, but with a serious in game attitude. Message a leader or talk to any member you may meet to begin "trying out".

Looking For: Jet pilots and everything else.

If you are interested, contact one of our leaders either through Battlelog or through our PsN ID's stated below.

★[PxR] An-G-eL
★[PxR] xCrown_Of_Thorns
★[PxR] Wolf_Logic

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