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The Dynamic Duo!!....................Too cliché?

Hi, welcome to our platoon page. :3

[omay] is just a special platoon for two best friends: TshMsh & xo-Serenity-ox. We're just two normal players from East US who like to game with eachother across many different games. x3 Squad Rush is our main mode but if you run into us it might've been on Domination or Conquest. Hopefully we left a good impression by playing fair/well. (We don't admin abuse or exploit but we do strive to win :P)
If anyone wants to do a (friendly) 2v2 ask either one of us and we'll happily accept as long as the time is alright. No Asian servers please. Dx

Serenity is the more awesome half of omay. >> She likes anime, Persona, BO2 (but not MW3, MW3 is so bad. >:c). You can usually find her being all fangy and grr with her AN94. She's a really easy-going girl with a big heart. ♥
Tsh is the other half of omay. He likes cats, being shy, gross music, & bragging about his a cups. (they are pretty cute >///>)
Our current theme song:
Theme songs from the past:

10 awesome things about Sere:
#1. She's clever.
#2. She's nice.
#3. She's strong.
#4. She's funny.
#5. She's pretty.
#6. She's cute.
#7. She's humble.
#8. She's easy to talk to.
#9. She's sensitive.
#10. She. makes. me. happy.

*cactus noises*
wekk wekk wekk

Beautiful soul in a beautiful body.

You are all of the love, joy, kindness & beauty that I know in this world.
Thank you. ♥

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