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We are a tight knit group of players that just split from our old platoon due to inactivity. We've been playing battlefield together for several months now and are hoping to add some more people to the ranks.

We are looking for 'ACTIVE' members that are willing to put the time into a platoon and compete in matches as needed. This means being on xbox regularly (at least a couple times a week, unless stating otherwise).

We will most likely have a practice to go over a strategy to prep for scrims/matches before hand, besides that we play public matches nearly everyday with 4+ platoon members for hours at a time, and looking for players of the same type.
As of the past month or so we have had scrims a couple days a week from either 4v4 to 8v8, though we're wanting to do 12v12,again just need a few more active players to do such, also we are so far undefeated of the matches we've played. We almost always have members playing online so you'll never have to fight alone. Come join us on Xbl and play a few rounds and see how it goes..

If want to apply you must :

-Be at least 17 yrs old, with a good sense of humor and not a sensitive crybaby.

-Have a mic / Speak English

-Be at least a lvl 20 Colonel. (We will however consider "above average" players)

-Have a SPM of at least 450, as well as a positive k/d ratio - (overall, not after resetting)

-Apply to the website first; upon acceptance you will join the battlelog page. *Use the link above*



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