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Ultra Elite Gaming League [UEGL]

Welcome to Ultra Elite Gaming League, everyone has been waiting to hear what this platoon is going to be, what the plans are an where its going to go. Well I am here to tell you all about it now here on battlelog & also more on the Ultra Elite Gaming League Forums.
First we are building our community, so invite your friends & family members, we are catering for new an old games an hosting servers for many games/platforms. We are building not just a platoon but a hole New Gaming League, where building a better social experience for gamers as an Non-Profit Organization.

Also will be improving our competitive gaming for players who enjoy playing as a tight & well thought out team. There will be no age limit to this community so you can join no matter how old or young, all is welcome to join Ultra Elite Gaming League.

Giveaways is going to be our top priority, biggest thing about gaming & being apart of a Gaming League is making the most of your gaming experience.
We are working hard with Third-party Organizations to give you the best experience we can offer.
We will keep announcing more info over the next couple weeks, we look forward to seeing you on the forums an sharing your feed back.

Thanks & Regards
{UEGL} Admin

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