Aussie-Portuguese Army
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* Welcome to the "A.P.A ® - Aussie-Portuguese Army" BF3 Battlelog page. *

- This platoon is the living proof that soldiers that are in very distinct points of the globe can still fight side by side as brothers and sisters on the battlefield.

- Rules:

. All Portuguese and Aussie nationals can apply to join this platoon;

. Mic use is highly recommended when playing;

. No other language will be spoken apart from Portuguese and English ( English will be used most of the time);

. No fighting between members;

. Always follow your squad mates and do what's best for the team;

. And most important of all stay united and have fun that's why we're all here ain't that right?


>Telmo Henriques Marques< AUSx Member | Portuguese National playing in an Aussie Platoon since 2011 | Many thank's to my Aussie mates that helped me so much on the battlefield.


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