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Prezentacja plutonu

As of right now, this is the official OP VAN platoon of VAN LOVERS!!!!!!! THIs IS NOT AND I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A CLAN!!!!! If you wear VAN tags it means you are one of my minions<<<< which in that case I'm flattered and get in the VAN ;-P
To all the people who do not know what the VAN is, this is officially for you
Guys cool with the VAN that are not in my clan 3ID <<<<< everybody from WDIS
and my good friend JROYED<<< watch out for him because he has defeated the VAN before because he used the power of the sun to blind me :-P
Anyways I'm here to promote my friends YT channel where we record gameplay......
check it out, we are currently working on walkthrough for video games and also promoting 3ID clan matches on the channel..... btw if you want to join 3ID here is their page
That way you get something serious along with me and <<<<<< this nanny
anyways welcome to the page of VAN lovers and trolling

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