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This has been set up for easy no hassel matches, it will be set out in a round robin format for NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA PLAYERS ONLY.

RULES:I't will be HARDCORE i.e 60% Health & No Map and EXTREMECORE i.e 40% Health, 500% Bullet damage & No Map.
Game mode will be a 4 on 4 Squad Death(HARDCORE). And a 16player 4clan Squad Death Match(EXTREMECORE). Each match will be 1 map 100% tickets.
Choice of maps will be all maps except the CQ maps as this is battlefield not call of duty. And it will be set at RANDOM on what map is played.

Matches will be played on Friday, Saturday and sunday Nights starting at 9pm.(NZ Time).
If you’re team cannot make the match and you don’t give notice (By 7pm on night) you’re team will forfeit the match.

Number of players to enter a clan is min of 8 and a max 10,Two squads of 4 plus two reserves so choose carefully.

Competition will not start till all 4 teams have entered. If there is enough teams interested we may get a dedicated server. Till then 102s will have a server that can be used.

Example of how the table will look.

4v4____________4v4_______4 clans of 4
1 v 3_________3 v 2
2 v 4_________4 v 1

102 kiwi militia

Points system for the 4v4 SQDM. For a win 3 points. For a forfeit win 1 point

Points system for the 4v4 SQDM clan battle. For a win 3 points. For second 2 points and for third 1 point.

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