Recon Battalion
Tag: [1S1K] Fani: 4 Stworzono: 21.11.2012

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We are a platoon that focuses mainly on the strategy and skill of Recon.
-Only founder and leaders are required to wear clan tag (1S1K). Non leaders can still wear tag
-You must have at least one soldier on ps3.
- This platoon is not just for Recon, It's for any class. We just use Recon more.
- You NEED to know how to snipe.
FOUNDER-GB_Gamer007 (Battefieldwin33)
LEADERS- LukeSommer (lsommer3210)
Note-To become leader, must play in game with either GB_Gamer007, or LukeSommer and see if your trustworthy and a good teammate on the battlefield.
If you look at the bottom of our logo it says 100%. 100% meaning best possible accuracy for sniper rifles. Our clan tag is 1s1k, also meaning that shot has to be 100% accurate and 100% deadly.
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