European 8v8 League
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This is a 8v8 Conquest League which will include the finest clan's across Europe! Clans will battle it out on a weekly basis to find out who really is the most 'Dominant' clan in Europe!

How will it play out?

-Teams will play once a week.
-Teams discuss among eachother dates/time.
-Teams will report back their scores.

What will be expected?

-If a team cannot play another in the set week it will count as loss.
-Teams must be respectful of eachother,no trash talk after matchs.
-No rematchs within the league will be awarded.

Short term rules:
No ringers.
The team you were invited with is the team you have.
Only 1 player outside EU is permitted.

-Team Syndicate (SYN)
-FullSpectrumDominance (FsD)
-Primo Victoria Poland (PVP)
-Dynamic (Dyn)
-Kings Elite Squad (kEs)
-InFamouS (I4L)
-Omega e-Sport (OMGA)
-Shadow Company Brawlers (SDCB)
-Försvarsmakten (FMV)

Point system:
-2 points awarded per round won.
-1 point awarded for a draw.
-Bonus point awarded for a 3-0 win

Who will you follow?

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