The Smoking Ace's
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The Smoking Ace's is a non-competitive casual platoon for people who are tired of being try-hard's (apart from Butler). We are capable of mass carnage, murder and playing the objective. Yet sometimes we just want to snipe, troll on motorbikes, pimp jeeps with C4 spinners, rhib boat battle, snipe helicopters with tanks or try something new.
*All members should add each other.
*Wearing your PIMP tag is not mandatory. (though I can't see why you wouldn't want to let ppl know you're part of the baddest platoon in town)
*Any ideas / suggestions are encouraged to be shared.
*Members are encouraged to be available to other platoons as their pimp

Preferred Min Stats:
*SPM = 5000
*KDR = 69
*xtoverus is too awesome for such things as min stats
*Members Must Be Able To Lick Own Elbow While Taking A Bongrip
*must be able to complete a round of two toke pass without exhaling (min of 3 ppl)

*Also on a weirder note the platoon founder AWeedtard likes to game in woman's underwear.
*Butler whores himself for cheeseburgers.
*meadboys12 likez slutz wiv nutz
*hawks4life031991 lovz chickz wiv dickz
*bf3fan1 eats children on toast (Mmmm crunchy)
*xtoverus likes to dip dip his poe-tate-toe! chip


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