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This is the competition wing of Allah's Snack Bar Online.
All trying to join are required to:
1. Be an active member of Allah's Snack Bar Online for at least two weeks.
2. Have at least a 1.0 KD (Unless i think your better then your stats say)
3. SPM of at least 410.
4.Accuracy of at least 10.5
6. Minimum level to be accepted 45.
7. Follow orders.
8. Have a try out.
All current members of Allah's Elite must:
1. Listen to leaders.
2. Follow orders.
3. Go to practice.
4 .Keep drama out of Allah's Elite.
5. Play your role.
6. Add all members of Allah's Elite.
7. Follow the Chain of command.
8. Any posts that begin with @ are important and must be read.
9. Must attend clan match's they sign up for, 3 no shows and you're kicked.
10. No trash talking enemy teams if we win or lose.
11. No complaining about "Lag" Or "Hackers"
The chain of command.
If you have an issue take it to your team leader, if he dose not know he will take it to the XO (Executive Officer) If the XO dose not know the Answer to your question the XO will then take it to me. Failure to follow the Chain of Command will result in a strike, 3 strikes and you're out.
The purpose of the Chain is to take the stress of off the Leaders.
Upcoming scrims:
Commanding Officer: Epicmonster127(Gen)
Executive officer: Ubermonster127(LtGen)
Members: McNappa(MajGen)
Ranks are as follow:
Pvt, Private.
PFC, Private First Class.
LCpL, Lance Corporal.
Cpl, Corporal.
Sgt, Sergeant.(< This is the minimum rank needed to lead a FireTeam)
SSgt, Staff Sergeant.
GySgt, Gunnery Sergeant.
Msgt, Master Sergeant.
1stSgt. First Sergeant.
MGySgt ,Master Gunnery Sergeant.
SgtMaj, Sergeant Major.

WO, Warrant Officer.
CWO2, Chief Warrant Officer 2.
CWO3, Chief Warrant Officer 3.
CWO4, Chief Warrant Officer 4.
CWO5, Chief Warrant Officer 5.
2ndLt, Second Lieutenant.
1stLt, First Lieutenant .
Capt, Captain.
Maj, Major.
LtCol, Lieutenant Colonel.
Bgen, Brigadier General.
MajGen, Major General.
LtGen, Lieutenant General.
Gen, General.

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