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Applications for membership are currently Open. If you have any experience in leading a competitive platoon then we could use your expertise. Please contact Younderstudent30 for more info.

Online Combat Group (OCG) is a clan system designed to provide the right environment for the right players.

Combat Group 1 (CG1) is the top-level OCG Platoon. Players interested in joining CG1 must have a thorough knowledge of each map, and be willing and able to work as part of a team. Strong squad-based play is needed, as is constant communication. Mics are mandatory. CG1 Plays to win. All new members of CG1 will be drawn from CG2 and must have shown they are capable players. People who are unable to keep their cool need not apply.

Combat Group 2 (CG2) is a step down in intensity. Team play and communication are still recommended, but not mandatory. CG2 is the perfect Combat Group for practicing squad play, and developing / learning effective strategies and tactics.

Combat group 3 (CG3 Transition point for CG2

Combat Group 4 (CG4) is the branch of the Online Combat Group which focuses on recreation, rather than competition. Work with your squad, or work alone. This is your chance to represent the Online Combat Group without any pressure.

Combat Groups 4-10 (CG4, CG5, CG6, CG7, CG8, CG9, CG10) These Combat Groups play by the same relaxed rules of CG3. These groups will only begin to open in the event that CG3 fills to capacity.

1. Friendship
2. Respect
3. Loyalty
4. Dedication
5. Teamwork
6. Wear your CG1 tag at all times

Your CG1 leaders Hockey0025 & yonderstudent30 & Lordkevin




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