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Bunny hopping, or bunny jumping, is a term used in video games to describe the basic movement technique in which a player jumps repeatedly, instead of running, in order to move faster...


Traditional bunny hopping (gaining continually increasing speed during repeated jumps) has never been possible within the Battlefield series. However, there are several variations of bunny hopping depending on the game.
The exact purpose and benefits have evolved as EA has released patches and fixes for this tactic.

A player could come around a corner, and, coming across an enemy, jump in an unpredictable direction while firing their weapon.

It was eventually seen as an unsporting and unfair tactic. O_o

A similarly unsporting tactic was used with the Support class, with its light machine gun, which is meant to be very powerful, but with the drawback that it is very inaccurate unless the player goes prone.

EA has made attempts to reduce the effectiveness of jumping during combat in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. For example, one update to Battlefield 2 made players unable to fire while in mid-air. However, it still remains an effective way to evade fire.
In Battlefield 3, bunny-hop is highly reduced because jumping repeatedly while running will slowly stop the player until he stops jumping.


http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/de/forum/threadview/2832654490156751299/ ♥


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