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Welcome to Colonial Marine Corps!
This is a fun based platoon with a goal of finding friends to play battlefield with!

To keep team spirit and excitment, we have a game called Color War!

How it works
In this game there are two teams, Bullseye, and Relox. Once a week we will have a fight between the two teams. Whoever wins, gets there teams name up on the Presentation, im not sure yet, but there might be a prize for getting the most wins in a month.

How Your Team Is Chosen
Once a month I will post a comment saying COLOR WAR! Then, every new member will make a post saying CHOOSE! The players from Bullseye will like the comment, and the Relox will Comment on it, these count as votes. Which ever team has more votes for that player, will get him. Sometimes I may have to switch players around to keep the teams even, but that shouldn't happen much.

If there are any questions about this please feel free to ask me!

Basic Rules
- Show team spirit
- Be polite and respectful to everyone
- Any issues will be brought to me
- Try to be as active as possible
- Play in as many Color Wars as you can
- Respect the leaders, they are leaders for a reason
- Feel free to post! We like hearing from you!
- Boosters shall be named and shamed
- Interact with you fellow platoon mates
- Most of all, have fun!

Please Bump Our Platoon Recruitment Post Whenever You Can! It Helps A lot!

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