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Team Edge is a casual comp platoon, made for the transfer to BF4. Please apply if interested, and please contact leaders for scrim if interested. Try outs are available.

Please bump our recruiting thread:

KD 1.50
SPM 500
Skill 600
Mic (not Kinect)
Above 16

~Upcoming Events~

Friday, 20 September @9pm EST versus Impact (5v5, 2 metro, 2 bazaar, seine)
Sunday, 22 September @4pm EST versus Inglorious Bastards
Sunday, 29 September @TBA Edge/Nova versus Deathwish (12v12)

Friday, 20 September @8pm
Sunday, 22 September prior to IB scrim


Infantry squad
- Crum
- Drum
- Boats
- Donut
- Priest
- MC
- Venom

Tank Crew
- Crosby
- Super
- Monk

- I Cut n Kill u
- Blue

Members in trial phase "2 weeks"

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  • xXxseamonkxXx pisze na ścianie plutonu Team Edge:
    If you ask me bf4 beta takes a wee less skill in some areas but more in other areas. And team work is bumped up a bit more too. I hope they nerf the damage a bit less(hell I hope they change a lot of things so it feels a little more like bf3), idk if its me but it feels like you can die easier
    StuCha1ns Yeah, and with the limited revive time mixed in as well. I dont know if i am going to play this game competitive or not lol. We will see. Thus far, i dont mind it but dont like it.
    7 lata temu
  • StuCha1ns pisze na ścianie plutonu Team Edge:
    As most of you are probably wondering " for those active". We will not be doing competitive gaming for awhile. There is alot of inactivity because of GTA . I myself will be cutting down on the evenings and playing mostly days. My reasoning is the hockey season, and I attend local hockey games as well. Formula confirmed the 5s but as for the other two clans, they did not. So we will not be having any scrims in the near future.
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    StuCha1ns We have no one online. And don't worry monk. Whatever happens you'll be apart of it. I might not play competitive though. At least not right away.
    7 lata temu
    7 lata temu
  • SinisterCrosby pisze na ścianie plutonu Team Edge:
    are we still having scrims/practices this week, or are we calling bf3 dead?
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    Leper_is_cool but the beta is bad
    7 lata temu
    xXxseamonkxXx Beta isn't that bad, I'll still play the beta. I see this beta as just a peek through the window. Its just to get a little feel on what is different then bf3.
    7 lata temu
  • SinisterRiippeR pisze na ścianie plutonu Team Edge:
    sorry for being a shitty leader/member of this team. after putting alot of hard effort into my old team "Renegade infantry" in training and practicing i just lost interest in doing so from the start with a new team. i gave what little i had left. anyways. probably wont hit the beta much. but ill def be on bf4 360 when it drops
    StuCha1ns Understand bro. I'm sorry for the demotion. Your a way better player than me, but just like you said. If edge stands any chance of being competitive it needs dedicated leaders and members. Hit me up when it drops 360
    7 lata temu
    hewds I still love you.
    7 lata temu
  • StuCha1ns pisze na ścianie plutonu Team Edge:
    Future notes and updates. Heading into bf4 "until we get a grasp" we will be working heavy together as a group to create call outs and strats. We will also be looking for a new leader to join crosby and I. If interested please show initiative by sending me a xbl message. Best of luck to all of you, and keep plugging along on the beta.
    StuCha1ns Fuck me..... Right?
    7 lata temu
  • StuCha1ns pisze na ścianie plutonu Team Edge:
    Because my Xbox is being a regular jeffree star and not letting get crunk with my bitches on the beta. I was summoned to do chores.... So I'm going to nap, then put on my apron. See yall later. Won't be on much tonight because I have a draft for fantasy hockey and its the opening day for hockey.
  • xXxseamonkxXx pisze na ścianie plutonu Team Edge:
    Okay milsim messiah is crum dumpster. Wtf crum thanks for the head ups I thought a terrorist posted on my page. Well I might be on tomorrow night
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    StuCha1ns Don't talk about my grandma that way son
    7 lata temu
    xXxseamonkxXx "Yes papa" what crum are you against elders doing the street sport hardcore?
    7 lata temu
  • StuCha1ns pisze na ścianie plutonu Team Edge:
    Everyone add manman209 on xbl. Also there was no recorded scrim for today