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Moderators - iCoNiC Rame, iCoNiC Wallee, iCoNiC MurrphY, iCoNiC Steves

Please contact on xbox live/blog for questions.

Teams work on Entree registrations.

iCoNiC as a team will not participate. No more than 2 iCoNiC can play for any team, including subs.
This is done to avoid bias during tournament games or moderation.

Teams of five, one alternative/SUB. All players are only allowed to play for one team, including alternatives/subs.

Maps: Metro, Bazaar, Tehran, Damavand Peak, Strike At Karkand Day 2, Ziba Tower, Donya Fortress, Operation 925, Scrapmetal

Restrictions: No XBOW, No Recon Class or any of its attachments, No C4, No Claymores, No 320, No LVGs, No M320 Buck, No m26 dart/slug/frag, No Shotgun, No magnum, No Rex, No G18/G18 Suppressed, No 93r, No M911/Tac/Sup/TacSup, No G17c/Supp, No Shotguns.

Allowed: All weapons (minus Shotguns and pistols besides) M9/Sup/Tac, MP443/Sup/Tac.
M320 Smoke allowed

Server: Higher Seed hosts first map on their server. Lower Seed hosts second and third maps on their server.

If rules are broken, Finish that round, stop playing and provide VIDEO evidence of a said rule break to moderator. Pictures/He said She said will not apply.

Round wins are done through reporting on a blog report, so please report wins here, or to a moderator, both team leaders need to report wins/losses.

Maps are won through ticket count, two rounds per map, best two out of three maps. If tiebreaker Replay that map.
Ex. Tie breaker on higher seed 1st game, that map will be replayed on that map on higher seed server.

Each round will take place Friday-Sunday of every week. The weekdays will be used to set up the following round for the next week and so on. If teams cannot agree on a match time during these days, the team who was available to play on Sunday 8pm EST will be provided the win. Essentially, if you & your opponent cannot agree on a scheduled match time. Show up @ Sunday 8pm EST ready to play. If there is a no show, please contact the leaders on battlelog or XBL at that exact time.

If teams cannot agree on a time, we will make a time for you.

Server Rules

Team Balance - No
Idle Time - 300 secs
Kick after # of TKs - 15
Ban after # of Kicks - 99
Vehicles - No
Regen Health - Yes
Only Squadleader Spawn - No
Minimap and HUD - Yes
Minimap Spotting - Yes
3D Spotting - No
Name Tags - Yes

All Maps played on 80% Tickets
Set servers to 10 round start max of 15
This is so moderators can join your game and stream if a teams wants or a referee can be in place.

ex. Rame is a moderator, team A would like him to refree game vs team B, Moderator will not join a spawn in, he will simply watch the game from a flag/player perspective. If asked, Rame will not join into a squad if team wants them open.

Brackets will be posted on the 9th of September, First week deadline to be posted on the 15th of September

Will post more if nesscary, must use players provided on blog post including a sub.

ex. Saying Team iC will not work, must use this system. Fizif, Wally, Payne, Woosh , Rame, ALT.
Trigz. North America


1. Team Rats - BeWaRe-iCoNiC FIZIF-iCoNiC Woosh-EpsilonCHINEY-Haruku Z

2. 5KINGS- Hollyzz, Caracolespanol, PresaCanario17, edureus, DANIMOVICH alt- pituking

3. Team Menks: AV Bruce Lee, Zissou, The MenqcE, Flashboy, Korrupted, Robo

4. Tempest-Bluewolf45,strykero6,melokarma,V the menace,Expert Splinter, Ryu The Ill

5. Team Sirloin - iCoNiC BlacK X,Bout2Fity, lI Concept Il, Jett ll, TheAirMan, iCoNiC Dirty D

6. zero Tolerance - AoRta, NiBoR, CRACK STR8 UP, Titan, Eup0rikz, Lil94BIMBI

7. Team Formula: Formula GYGYTY, Spartanmonkey87, over1Rated, JamessonBR/Saci,

8. Stealth-Gamer - Stealth FuriouS, Stealth BiOs, Stealth Fegeon, Stealth Squall, InFamouS Reds, Stealth SKaaR

9. KFR.RiiturN - KFR kriis - KFR Spark - KFR Stif - KFR Player - KFR ViichenkO

10. Hype Gaming - hell Nemi snake Gambit deadpool igun

11. Those Bros (AV): AV CupCake, Hunler116, Soowooping (under an alt, name tbd), AV w0nka, Finicky Penance. SUB TBD

12.Team PKP: Threat Expert, Teco47, Vlexed, Spades ll, and LBxFinalDeath

13. InFamouS ReDeMption: InFamouS AsphaR, InFamouS Skyler, InFamouS Amaze, InFamouS Adept, KFR AnThraX

14. Digi's Ponies: FsD Dignitas, Kujuro Hirayama, lGenetics, MarVel Da MurDa and Kankaroo.

15. [FeS] Finnish eSports: Vilp3ri, ZeiZeiii, vToadx, teemuki, SaQ89, AkMan69

16. Kill faction - beastly101conga, Babymunch x, blackrain, kfxunscathed, xCloudy horizon, ctrlaltasslt

17. Impact - Riptide721, xl ViTAL lx, Conejo xz, JRedits/qJROBp, xBearskills, Tech N9ne tL

18. Ascension Esports - flatLine HacKa, flatLine Renzik, flatLine chinny, flatLine Gooner, Careing, flatLine cK

19. Excel : l ZeRmi l, SirCreamYourPie, l Bernier l, oSAV4GE, MannyIP, Eagle lz

20. The Armada -wickchad26---xl Exiiled lx---BULLETZ x4x YOU---cl0ckw0rx---Ruberduckzilla1

21. Balls Deep: i5uBz3r0, CoRpZeZ, ll Salty, xThE Le9acYx, Le Blahhh,


23.pixels:Vasco, ''o WaKanda z'', Mind Shift, Lethal, xEmpis, Panda

24. That One Team Bro:iNeptuneZ l,Jason Zaire, Bout3Fity,oG,BluntZz, Undaground Killa

25. DvN Divine - Exo6234, XIII DIRTY, Bl Blues, Happy Camper, RedLotus Dragon, Rapture City

26. BlackList: FluffylBunny, JayveescKiii, LUCCCCKY 7, Cizual, TRAGICxMAN, IGucciIgreatI

Double Elimination

Bracket Link


------ ROUNDS --------

Maps: Metro, 925, Tehran

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