Tag: [QUZO] Sieć: Strona oficjalna Fani: 22 Stworzono: 11.03.2012

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We KICK players for break rules about No Roof/Crane or M18 Claymore kill without warning. If rules was break few times after kick we BAN for 60 minutes.

Swearing to family will BAN na 60 minutes too.

This is the offical "Quz0" and "friends" platoon for all competative players and friends
of the quzo server ingeneral !!!

If you want to donate for the server, and that goes only to the server 100%
you can always make a paypall donation to

we appreciate it !

even if it's only €5 :)
every penny helps
your name will be published in the Platoon Presentation as donor for the server!

Donations and Contributions are in list below:


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