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(PS3) Oen’s Platoon Recruiting New Members (EU)

Oen’s Platoon is mainly about teamwork on the battlefield. We try to make a platoon where the different players keep to their classes tasks and objectives. We are a PTFO or GTFO platoon, which basicly translates to "Play the objective or leave".
There are no expectations for action outside of the game. Once you are a part of the community, nothing more has to be done than enjoy playing with the rest of the team.
There are few requirements.
You have to speak English, you have to be a registered user at our website at www.oensplatoon.com.
There are also some other requirements such as agreement to the rules and so on.
You will be evaluated to obtain a higher rank once you are a member of the platoon. These ranks comes with Admin and other rights.
We are both casual and hardcore gamers depending on the occasion.

We have a web portal: (www.oensplatoon.com, this is where you should head first if you are interested) and 3 servers online for the PS3 (+1 Minecraft server as a little treat).
I’m looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

This is teamwork,
This is Oen’s Platoon.
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