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Prezentacja plutonu

This platoon was made for freinds and fun. if you are on xbox 360 leave me your name and i will send you a friend request. i WILL host matches online and i will leave the date for when the matches will be on so the platoon members can know. please become a fan and have fun!

you must be at least lvl 35 to join

if you know you are a sucky player, dont aplly as we play against good players and you will get pwned!!!!

if you apply to join this platoon and you are colonel or higher, apply to join PLAYERS WITH SKILLS or talk to slike nades who you will see in this platoon to ask for an invite.

Informacje z plutonu

  • knute33 pisze na ścianie plutonu BATTLEFIELD PWNERS:
    all of you have been invited to be a battlefield tourament coming soon host me prize 1600 ms points meesage me back if you want in. there is a good poosible i might raise the prize!