Allied Operation Force
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-Tired of playing alone?

-Tired of platoons making false promises?

-Tired of losing?

Then join the

Allied Operation Force

We are open to any member, any nationaliity. We have battalions in over 11 different countries and we want more!

As a clan member you get free access to our:

- Members Only website -

- The ability to be a part of upcoming videos, clan matches and clan promotion videos!

- A dedicated server to playing and training!

We are open to any class and your stats do not matter, your enthusiasm is more important!

Go to!/bf3/platoon/2832655391680920803/ and please click APPLY.

When you have applied there, go to our website. and create an account..

This is a REQUIREMENT if you want your first basic promotion!

We will try and keep everyone on the same team.

We now only recruiting level 40 and upwards.


*Atleast level 40,
*Participate in training,
*Be an active player,
*Must apply to platoon,


*All the member requirements,
*Change clan tag to "AOF",
*Must be a website member

You must be a full member for your basic clan promotion.

New members that are considered will be trialed in a private or public server. If you're lucky to be trialed, just try your hardest and be yourself.

When applied please wait for your acceptance letter that contains all the information you need starting your career as an AOF Soldier.


We advise that you put the clan tag and your rank in your bio.


Allies With :

13th Cavalry Gaming,


We are getting two servers, we are also allies with another strong clan and we are starting to organise clan battles.

All that we ask of you is to become a full member almost immediately
That way, we can get you promoted and on your way!



From now on we will be implementing serious requirements into the clan. So if you wish to join, please meet the requirements. - We may make exceptions.


Clans we have beaten :


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  • SrKaiden dołącza do plutonu Allied Operation Force.
  • xAOFxBradxUkx pisze na ścianie plutonu Allied Operation Force:
    To ALL members of AOF. As you all probably know, Battlefield 4 is just around the corner. Myself and BigPizzaCake are planning on bringing AOF over to the PS4 on BF4. Will anyone here be getting a PS4? Also if you would like to help run AOF and be given any specific roles, please let me know. I am truly sorry about the inactivity, all the leaders promise to be more active. We are serious. We want the PS4 to be the next generation in AOF as well as Battlefield 4. Thank you for taking the time guys. Your leader, Ninja.
  • MY360NICKNAME pisze na ścianie plutonu Allied Operation Force:
    attention; to all clan members effective immediately, I am retiring from aof.lack of communication, clan battles, and communication from the leaders as well as no clan member playing single game with me in long time, I don't see the need to remain. thanks to all for the run and wish you all farewell. I'll see you on the battlefields :)
    ScarredGio well it's time for me to go too bye guys as pt590/MY 360 NICKnAme sad i'm out
    8 lata temu
    DEADSHOT501X im out too sorry guys this clan is dead DEADSHOT x 501
    8 lata temu
  • ScarredGio pisze na ścianie plutonu Allied Operation Force:
    clan wars ? O.o
  • MY360NICKNAME pisze na ścianie plutonu Allied Operation Force:
    October to end of November battlelog challenge- 2 million kills from the air! Unlocks death dealer dog tag! Come on guys we can so do this! ! !