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GB & EIRE ELITE is a division of WISE for only the dedicated battlefield player to play matches against other platoons.
members of GB & EIRE need only apply.

fri 14th sep 12v12 conquest hardcore 9pm start

sat 15 sep 12v12 conquest hardcore

sun 16th sep 12v12 conquest hardcore 930pm start

leader strat's sessions Sunday 9pm-10pm ( 30 mins early does not apply)
You MUST be available for 1 team training session on Tuesday & Thursday evenings 9pm to 11pm est and on one of the two match days which are sat and sun 9pm till 11pm. ( pub matches DO NOT COUNT AS TEAM TRAINING NO MATTER HOW MANY MEMBERS ARE ON)
platoon leaders and squad leaders MUST be on 30 mins before ALL scheduled matches and training sessions
You MUST have WISE as your tag and do your fair share of match arranging and getting to know other platoon founders and leaders.
Most of all you MUST be non abusive to other platoon members and be a true battlefield veteran.
If you feel you may struggle to meet any of these requirements then DO NOT APPLY.

Alpha Squad : ( Ground / Vehicle support)

Bravo Squad : ( Vehicle )

Charlie Squad : ( Air )

Reserves :

All squads MUST know there role's AND MUST NOT deviate . Reserves must have a General Understanding of all squads role's

Squad try outs STARTING soon


Try adding as many as you can to your friends list on Xbox from the wise community

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