The Essential Hunters
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The Essential Hunters are reserved STRICTLY for the BEST of the BEST Ground Pre-Pro's, Ground Tournament Knifer's & The Most Expert Taggers in BF3 today.

DISCLAIMER => Being an ESL Hunter, does not automatically signify he/she is apart of Team Essential, in any way. This is a Mercenary Group of Knifing Professionals, and this platoon isn't designed to be your 'main' clan.


Interested in joining? Make sure you have completed the following [In Sucession]:
1. Apply to join
2. One Statistic Requirement: must have AT LEAST 1000 Knife/ACB-90 Kills [NO EXCEPTIONS!]
3. Be able to TAG platoon founder, 'Moral Cuddles' in a 1v1 battle -Warning- Hugs is considered to be the BEST ground knifer in the game!
4. Pass the skill test of Hunter Leadership (At least 2 leaders join you in public server to observe your stealth + knife welding capabilities)
5. Pick one (active) player in the Hunters to stalk in public games until you get their tags - Three times. Once your tagging is complete, send a leader a message with the link of the hunter's tags. ***Hunter Tags must be taken 3x within 7 days***

6. Upon completion of these specified tasks,we will assign a meeting place for an inauguration ceremony in person. The ceremony will be joyous and social with live music entertainment and buffet style catering! Towards the end of the event, we will have our serious and official "Swear In."

The "Swear In" Ceremony is generally as follows: The Platoon Priest/Rabbi will grasp The ESL Golden Box Cutter and he will cut your hand to let your blood stain The Hunter Loyalty Cross.

We will burn the cross, and as you watch the smoke rise to the sky, you will state the following words, loud and proud: "The Hunters are above god, family and I, I officially swear my loyalty to the Hunters, betrayal would lead to eternal damnation, and, like these flames in front of me, in hell... I will DIE."

7. After this process, you will officially be a hunter!

All hunters, sworn into loyalty by the drops of their own very blood, will live through and through the ESSENTIAL HUNTER CREED/HANDBOOK:

Essential Knife Squad Hand Book- "Expected Of EVERY Hunter":
Defence Knife- When your Opponent Attack's you and you Counter in with your knife.
Attack Knife- When you Attack a Defending Opponent Resulting in a Knife kill.
Stealth Knife- When you Hunt or Stalk a Player's' in Pub Matches to even your situation.

Essential Knife Squad Hand Book- "Unbecoming Of A Hunter"
Jump/Lag Knifing- This is when your opponent Jumps to Attack or Defend You Action's to Counter them With The know knife glitch.
Gang Knifing- When you out number someone in a Knife fight.
Slash Trash- When all you do is just slash to kill.
Revive Knife- When you Revive kill an opponent when he is in Revive action.

Essential Knife Tournement STATUS:
*Pending- Waiting on enough interest from 16 elite 'No-Jump" knifers*


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