Air Superiority Ladder
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Air Superiority teams from around the world compete in this seasonal ranked ladder for the title of top air team.

Ladder on hold until DICE fixes Air Radar.
- Team leaders are required to apply for membership of this platoon for match-finding.
- New platoons must apply and post a link to their platoon within a week of being added.
- Specify if your team is for Standard or Hardcore Division, or both.
- Teams are required to have a minimum roster of 6 players in their platoon.
- Teams without the minimum number of eligible players will be moved to the inactive section.
- "Abandoned" teams will be removed at the Staff's discretion.

- By sending or accepting a challenge in the challenge system, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules posted here.

=Online Challenge System==================================================================
- If your team is currently online, post an open challenge with the ruleset of your choice.
EG: (Online Challenge: 6v6 - HS Allowed, No Beam Scanning)
- If no other team accepts and/or your team goes offline, post a comment to close the challenge.
- To accept an online challenge, your team must also be online and able to play the match the same day.
- The team who opened the challenge chooses first server and map.
- The accepting team chooses first side.

=Open Challenge System===================================================================
- If your team is unchallenged and wants to schedule a match, post an open challenge.
EG: (Open Challenge: 6v6-12v12 - NO HS, No Air Radar)
- If no team accepts within 2 days, you may post again.
- Once accepted, the match may be scheduled.
- Open challenge matches must be played within 7 days of it being accepted.

=Spot Challenge System====================================================================
- A team can only directly challenge the team directly above them on the ladder.
(Spot Challenge: Team A vs. Team B - Attempt #1, 2, 3)
- Teams must accept challenges within 4 days.
- Teams issuing the challenge must first post here and notify the challenged team via XBL.
- Once accepted, the match must be completed within 7 days of the initial challenge unless both teams agree to postpone.
- Both teams must agree on player count and kit restrictions before the match is played.
- You may NOT spot challenge the team above you if they have already issued a spot challenge.

Certain match types are more rewarding than others. The higher your rank, the higher the stakes. If your team stands to lose more or equal points to your current ranking points, you will not lose points. EG: Your team has 50 points and you lose a Spot 12v12, you will stay at 50 points.

At the beginning of each season, all teams start with 100 points.

Default/nofight: +5/-10

Online 6v6-10v10: +20/-10
Online 12v12: +30/-20
Open 6v6-10v10: +20/-20
Open 12v12: +30/-30
Spot 6v6-10v10: +30/-30
Spot 12v12: +50/-50

Details posted towards end of Season. Top teams face off for the crown.

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