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Apathy, we are a highly competitive team that is only interested in recruiting the most determined, focused and competitive players. Apathy was assembled from a number of committed players that lay their commitment in the game and their squad. It was important that this team was formed with basic fundamental values that will follow and guide our clan if we may go off path in our decisions. These values are very clear and stable. We formed this so when we begin or practice sessions and run strategies, we listen, improve and enhance. When we joined this team we promised to be committed fully to it and put our team ahead of our egos, friendships and stats. We made sure that our leadership will run correctly, fairly and only biased for the team as Apathy’s success is the only objective we have. We try to understand that we are not here to make friends, this is not a community, we are here to win as a team and enjoy the ever satisfying feeling that is present afterwards because killing blueberries is just unbearable. Relationships between our players are encouraged but it cannot get in the way of the overall team and its success, in the times that it does we must think clearly and realise why we are here and what we want to achieve. Just because someone is your friend doesn't grant them a position on the team.

Apathy, is a team ran by members that will never give up, other teams might be better pilots or marksmen but our team will have members that will always try to learn from a bad game and will enhance on the loss so when we return we will win, but if not we step back and try again until we do. This is something that no one is going to beat us at, determination is a key to our team and a key to getting better and that is a word I can keep. Gladly, players either have determination or they don't, you can't gain it or lose it, it's a factor that is present from birth. If you are interested in joining or are presently in Apathy and don't agree word for word what is in the passage above then you should rethink your status in this team or the idea of yourself joining this team. It may sound harsh but it's the only way the team can rely on you to be there when we need you, and the only way we can choose the right players. Everyone who agrees is welcome to apply, both infantry and armor spots are open to people to try out. Groups of people are even encouraged, for example a full armor squad of people who are used to playing with each other, that connection is very important.

We are Apathy, don't try to excite us.




RECRUITMENT IN PROGRESS: If you want to join Apathy, message any of the leaders on Battlelog or Xbox live and we will report back to you as soon as possible!

|| JONZIE || & ShadesReign - http://www.youtube.com/user/blueberryhub (Worth watching just for the awesome into itself, still beating in my head)
CondorCalabasas - http://www.youtube.com/user/CondorCalabasas

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