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Informacje z plutonu

  • Jshanusprime pisze na ścianie plutonu Blueberrys:
    Come one come all to the wonderful world of blueberryland weer will do stupid noob stuff all day long like join servers and not help our team at all not throw ammo, health, or put down sensors while we are each respective kit! Also we will take primary vehicle like attack choppers, jets and tanks to get to prime sniper spots on top of buildings or mountains to camp forever! I like camping bring your marshmallows.... Lets not forget last of all we will abandon perfectly good vehicles in enemy territory just for fun..... Now recruiting sign up today (marshmallows will not actually be provided by clan or clan membesr with out the express written consent of the stay puft marshmallow man FDIC)
    l-anoXmous-l lol
    6 lata temu
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