2v2 Attack Heli ladder
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Last update: AcidxInsanity, 17th July

- Requirements: 1500 Attack Helicopter kills.

- Equipment allowed:
- Pilot: Everything except heatseeker
- Gunner: Maintenance preferred, TV Missile Only

- Dogfight procedure:
- Both teams must find a server where they have an equal ping, unless they are happy to play in any server.
- If you can't agree on a server you may play the match in different servers (home and away).

- Wait at the spawn till the other team is in the helicopter.
- Shoot some bullets or rockets above the enemy helicopter so they know that you´re ready.
- After 5 rounds, you have to switch team.
- You have to be at least 2 points ahead to win (6:4 , 7:5 , 8:6 , ...) If no one wins after 10 rounds, you have to switch helicopter after each round.
- If one team crashes during a dogfight, the point is awarded to the other team. (doesn't matter if your battery of your controller is empty)

- Issuing a challenge:
- You can only challenge the team above you.
- Challenges are on a first come, first serve basis, if somebody challenges you then you cannot challenge anybody until that DF is finished.
- Once actively merged, teams cannot request a restart.
- Please announce all challenges here at first as a public record.
- You have 1 week to complete a dogfight from the 1st attempt.
- You cannot refuse a challenge.
- You only need to post 1 attempt challenge in the feed below and send a message via XBL as soon as the challenge is made public, e.g "I challenge (name) - (Day/Date of the challenge)"
- Teams who defend their spots will get a 24 hours safe period free from being challenged from the same team.

- Teams:

# - SempeR PhantoM and inFectous SkuLL W0/L0)
# - xGULINx and TFCating (W0/L0)
# - LA CHUPTRION69 and Threat level Beast W0/L0)
# - KID4 xDXZx and Sholimunr (W0/L0)
# - SW Barboza z and Pururuca1337 (W0/L1)
# - GSH_TigeR and prototyp001189 (W0/L0)
# - AcidxInfinity and AcidxInsanity (W1/L0)
# - eXploiTz II and DEVGU II (W0/L0)
# - MaJesTic Phalkz and MaJesTic Nero (W0/L0)

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