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"Your Intelligence determines your combat abilities"-Keza2012

United States Marine Corps' Force Recon are the highest trained men of the best the USMC has to offer, and has a long history. This Platoon resembles Force Recon in Battlefield 3 and soon Battlefield 4. We hire only mature and skilled players that can follow orders and have a good intelligence factor.
Force Recon is The Simulated Version of the REAL THING. If you want to join you will be expected to know that.
Marine Recon works, and trains with the worlds toughest special forces.

-(CPTN) Lycan3235
-(CLN) AbusiveNinjaV2
-(CLN) Keza2012
-(TMLD) Srgntpwned


Forecon Facts: Force Recon Info WIKI:

Rank Insignia:

[CPTN] Captain--Snipers
[CLN] Colonel--Trainers&Squad Leaders
[TMLD] Team Leader--Squad Command


Shout Rules:


Platoon Owner: Srgntpwned

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