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This Platoon is for Xbox one, 360, Playstation 3, and 4. If you're on a team, or you're a freeagent, please apply to join/become a fan and tell me your console/team. I'm going to organize it all into separate easy to access groups.

From there, not only can we easily get pick up games, scrims, and other community events going with ease, we can also show how great a community we actually have.

Xbox One:

Chiney, Rame, Payne, Hulk, Woosh,Trigz, Murphy, Fizif

Stacked Like Pancakes-
Deimos, Zarathos, Phobos, Fiend, Twitchy, Fatality

The Business-
Fatal xz, Cardiac cat xz, RobwWithGuns, Scoper xz, xSAV4GE, xThELe9acYx, F3arDaBeard, Creed Mode xz, Fallen xz, Loans xz, Kwiceratops, FinestSwag xz, Le Blahhh, ShaMiracle

Team Savior-
RambusH, Deelite, Z NoE, JwHoJcAsH

Itz Biologic, N Ray, Brad in 1080p

Free Agents (Don't have a team)-
YounGBvck, NiNj4_v, xIsoTonik, VOD Supremacy, niksmokehouse, Darkempiretaylor

Xbox 360:

Free Agents (Don't have a team)-
The_chief_hd80, ili KP ili,

Playstation 3:

Playstation 4:

Feel free to post on here for PUG's/scrims, Invite your friends, and join the movement! <3

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