Veterans Help Line
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This platoon is for battlefield veterans to reach out and help new players understand the game and answer general questions. Pass the good karma around, and it will surely be passed back.

New Players: There will be a lot of experienced and competitive players waiting to help you and answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to ask someone to squad up, or answer a question. Just post the time you intend to play, or the times you are usually on. And we will find someone for you!

Veterans: If you have competitive experience aka scrims, please make a general post stating the team you were/are in, maps, sizes and game modes. Please do not hesitate to add these new players that need help.

Our mission statement is to help you understand and enjoy this game. If you find that after you understand the game that you are getting bored. Please contact a person with competitive experience. Most people that are in competitive clans, know of and or are recruiting new players. Even if your stats do not match the requirements, there are plenty of new clans out there recruiting and they probably have a great spot for you!

Thanks for all your support everyone!

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