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[CSL] Console Sports League -
>Clan Leaders Platoon

>CSL #1 Platoon

>Console Sports League 5V5 Defuse:
http://www.consoles.net/eu/bf4-ps4/5on5/defuse_ladder/rankings/ [consoles.net]

>The sign-up process is really simple;

-You have to make a account on the CSL website.
-Link your PSN account with your CSL account.
-Create a team and invite your friends or clan/team member via invite or a short password on the team page.
-When finished, simply go on the link below and after You've signed up Your team, enter the Ladder!

Enter Your team on CSL:
http://www.consoles.net/eu/bf4-ps4/register_team/ [consoles.net]

Sign-up on the Ladder on CSL:
http://www.consoles.net/eu/bf4-ps4/5on5/defuse_ladder/signup/ [consoles.net]

>Make sure You are aware of the rules existing within the CSL community:
Link: http://www.consoles.net/eu/bf4-ps4/5on5/defuse_ladder/rules/ [consoles.net]

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