506th Infantry
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The 506th Infantry Regiment is a regiment in the US Army whose rich heritage dates back to World War 1. They are part of the 4th Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division. It still lives today, and men and women who are part of this historic unit are still fighting on the front lines of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The 506th values honesty, integrity, and above all, teamwork. Because that's what Battlefield is about. You win as a team, you lose as a team. It's impossible for any one person to carry the whole team on his or her shoulders.

The 506th also values hard work. Do your part, and you'll go up. Do your part and then some, and you'll rise up even faster. With 24 ranks to cover, you've got a way's to go to get to your top spot.

Check out our website to learn everything you need to know about the 506th. From there you can learn about applications, breakdown, and other important information.

See you on the battlefield!

General of the Army - AnvilZeroOne
General - DreamGuardian91
General - AbusiveNiNjaV2

Troops: - will be adjusted as soon as were ready.
Private (PVT) - WARRIOR 14T
Private (PVT) - ZoguIV
Private (PVT) - BoppsOxO
Private (PVT) - Kezza2012

506th Ranking Structure:
With rank comes privilege, privilege to take command of your own team, privilege to train with the best, many other privileges. To find the full explanation, visit the 506I-Net.

1. PVT - Private
2. PVT2 - Private 2nd Class
3 PVT1 - Private 1st Class

NCO's (none commissioned officers)
4. SPC - Specialist
5. CPL - Corporal
6 SGT - Sergeant
7. SSG - Staff Sergeant
8. SFC - Sergeant 1st Class
9. MSGT - Master Sergeant
10. 1SG - First Sergeant
11. SGM - Sergeant Major
13. CSM - Command Sergeant Major
14. SMA - Sergeant Major of the Army

CO's (commissioned officers)
15. WO1 - Warrant Officer
16. CW2 - Chief Warrant Officer 2
17. CW3 - Chief Warrant Officer 3
18. CW4 - Chief Warrant Officer 4
19. CW5 - Chief Warrant Officer 5
20. 2LT - Second Lieutenant
21. 1LT - First Lieutenant
22. CPT - Captain
23. MAJ - Major

SO's (Staff Officers)
24. LTC - Lieutenant Major
25. COL - Colonel
26. BG - Bridadier General
27. MJ - Major General
28. LTG - Lieutenant General
29. GEN - General (Reserved For Platoon Leader)


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