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This platoon is for Rats® only. This platoon was created for the Rats® to share information with their other Rat® friends. Feel free to invite the other Rats®.

First things first, we need to call out the Mouse Mayan who almost tricked the High Council into thinking he was a true Rat®. He almost succeeded but our natural instincts prevailed.

Rules of The Rat Community®:

Real Rats® never invite their friends just because their friends. We do not want this to become a random group of people, this is a community solely dedicated to TheRatExpert-approved® Rats®. Actions will be taken if you invite non-Rat® friends.

Treat your fellow Rats® with respect and never forget the mutual goal we all share: Rat® til' the end of our days.

If your fellow Rat® needs help, you will never deny him this favor and help him out in whatever way you can. Failing to do so will result in punishment, severe cases might have them self degraded to a Mouse®.

Official Rat Tactics®

During scrims, real Rats® shall use Rat Tactics®, which will be described below. Of course exceptions can be made as these tactics are guidelines and not strict rules. Try to apply them as best as possible.

1. On the usual 3-flag maps, you will never cap your gimme or B but instead go for a 5-rat leak to the other teams gimme. This tactic will surely throw your opponent off their game, causing them to tremble in fear and panic.

2. Defib where possible. Defibbing your opponents will cause severe rage and stress when repeatedly executed, thus making them ragequit, leaving the Rats® with a win.

3. Go for amazing nades instead of gun kills where possible. Guns are for tryhard Mice®, Rats® will instead spawn as support, take the Squad Frag specialization and nadespam their opponents to death, resulting in the same as point 2.

4. C4 is your best friend. Whether it's to protect a flank, blow up enemy cover or killing them without exposing yourself, a few pieces of C4 and a motion sensor will turn even the best Mice® into little shreds.

5. Trashtalk as much as possible during a scrim. Accuse your opponents of lagging, using a mouse® and keyboard or cheap weapon choices, this will reward you with much street cred and improve your chances of becoming a true competitive player.

6. Yolo-revives are always welcome. Even the most skilled opponents will not expect you to run out in the open to revive your fallen Rat-ally®, these actions will throw your opponent off their game and tempt them to make stupid decisions.

7. Utilize ZHE SOOPRESSION, it's a powerful weapon in the right hands. It doesn't matter that you shoot 10% accuracy, at least you suppressed them, allowing your team to exercise the tactics mentioned above better.

8. Teamkill. A lot. It will confuse the enemy Mice and make them think you are one of them. This is commonly known as the Sneakyrat®.

Aspiring Rats®

In this section we will reveal all the Mice® who want to be called Rats® but fail to understand that one does not become a Rat® but is born one.

- Worst_Assault
- AManWithPants
- Unlimited_Usiu
- Dedicated_Wham
- BunnyHopForDays
- xRaikuni
- Megalodoge
- AshokaX
- Bookyyy
- Divine_Ka0z

Chain of command:
All Rats® are equal however we do live by the principle of Princeps Inter Pares. The Princeps meet in the High Counsil, where vital decisions to ensure the endurance of The Rat Community are made. The members of this High Counsil can not be revealed to Mice® to avoid corruption.

Type of Rats:
There are different types of Rats®, the major types will be described below:

- Euro Rat
The Euro Rat is one of the prime species with many variations but one thing shared among all variations is the unrivaled ability to complain about The Lagshield.

- Sneaky Rat
Sneaky Rat is a subspecies found amongst all prime species. The Sneaky Rat is very lightweight which suits the needed carrying extremely well. The first Sneaky Rat sighting known to Rat- and Mankind was Teco47.

- Yank Rat
One of the prime species, one of the great rivals of the Euro Rat although some cases of bonding with Euro Rats have been reported.

- Brazil Rat
Speculative species, its existence is mythical yet uncertain. The Brazil Rat is rumored to have an upgraded form of The Lagshield commonly described as The Lag Vortex Shield, which according to myths absorbs bullets and returns them to the enemy.

- TWC Rat
A subspecies of the Yank Rat, formed after birth when selecting Time Warner Cable as a cable provider. Inconsistent speeds and pings plague this species. They have been known to bond in groups called 'Time Warner Warriors'.

- Jerrie Rat
There are only two Rats of this type, they have been found. Any Jerrie posing as a Rat is a Mouse in disguise, trying to infiltrate our ranks and dismember our dear community. The Jerrie Rat typically has a strong distaste for the playstyle and community of its fellow countrymen, which is only natural given the fact that they are all Mice. The two Jerrie Rats are valued and loved dearly in The Rat Community since they are a rare type which must be preserved at all costs.

- Swedish Rat
Little is known about this recently discovered species. The only known fact is that they bear a striking resemblence to goats.

- Croatian Rat
Appears to be inbred and has a deep desire to project this onto others.

Q&A section

Q: How do I become an official Rat®?
A: There is only one person who can truly decide whether or not you qualify as a rat, an individual who goes by the name of TheRatExpert, mostly misspelled as Threat Expert. One general misunderstanding that needs to be cleared is that one does not become a Rat® but is born one.

Q: How do I get in contact with TheRatExpert?
A: If TheRatExpert senses a true Rat® in you, he will contact you through a friend request and call you a rat, should you accept it.

Q: He hasn't noticed me, what do I do?
A: Of course you can always prove your Ratness® by commenting on overcommented Battlereport, or by sending TheRatExpert a friend request yourself, although the latter method should only be used in times of extreme danger.

Q: TheRatExpert has approved me as an official Rat®, how do I join this community?
A: It's very simple, apply to this community, we will then ask TheRatExpert if you are a true Rat®. There is no point in applying if you are not an official TheRatExpert-approved® Rat®.

Q: So now that I'm an official Rat®, what are the benefits?
A: If you must ask this, you are not worthy of being called a Rat® and shall be degraded to Mouse®

Q: Can i hooah my own post?
A: No, Only a true rat can hooah his own post, you are required to graduate to full Rat® status first.

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