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This Platoon is dedicated to No1 Kush Hustler NL and Crackhead Spectah <3


1v1 Spectah any T1me on MW2 RusT !
xX QuicKSc0pezZz only Last KiLL niCe

want to be as cool as Spectah?
Step 1: Wear NIKE Air Jordans
Step 2: cover yourself in dark Mud and pretend to be high
Step 3: start adding ''Nigga'' to every sentence you say ^

A is for Acid, I like tripping balls
B is for Barbiturates, don't know what this is at all
C is for Cocaine, that drug we all love
D is for DMT, makes me fly like a dove
E is for Ecstasy, never stop the rave
F is for Fizzies, again I don't know but hey at least I'm brave
G is for GHB, we all want to bang dem hoes
H is for Heroin, I like how my body glows
I is for Ice, that crystal so sweet
J is for Jumbos, when out of coke but in need
K is for Ketamine, dude where's the earth?
L is for Lithium, I like being a smurf
M is for Mushrooms, being all natural and shit
N is for Nitrous Oxide, who doesn't like tripping a bit?
O is for Opium, now that's hardcore
P is for PCP, please give me some more
Q is for Quaaludes, just 'cause it sounds cool
R is for Rohypnol, go daterape that fool!
S is for Steroids, all muscled up
T is for Tetracycline, now that shit's fucked up
U is for Uppers, everyone loves to bounce
V is for Vicodin, come bring me an ounce
W is for Weed, a little herb isn't that bad
X is for XTC, it's been around since your dad
Y is for Yayo, just another name for coke
Z is for Zoloft, it doesn't matter, go smoke!

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