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Prezentacja plutonu

This year (2020) Venice Unleashed will finally release. For this we made this platoon where every player who wants to play B-Flag in VU can join.

With Venice Unleashed we can play on 120hz servers and create new maps with the mapeditor and also create our own mods.
With the mapeditor we will fix some bugs on Bazaar and create a BFlag mod. This means instead of A and C Flag this will be our new bases. Also the red zone will be edited, so nobody will ever flank again. And we can finally unlock just the weapons that are allowed, so nobody can join and pick the m320 or C4 or anything like that. Well and this is just what we planned for the first version.
You can have a look here to see what is also planned: https://github.com/FlashHit/BFlag-Mod/issues

And what is really important is that you can decide which things should be changed. For example the headglitch. We played many many years with it, and to decide this alone wouldn't be fair. So we want to know your opinion. What about the revive style? In Battlefield 4 we can't revive the same person infinite times over and over again. So what are we going to choose the revive style of BF3 or like BF4? Since this change has a big impact we need to decide this together.

VU Discord: https://discord.gg/dpJwaVZ
B-Flag Plugin Collection: https://workupload.com/file/ZbWfTcYrUPG (16.06.2020)

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