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Welcome to the Old Gits Having Fun, we are a community of like minded gamers
who have one thing in common, We are older!!! Flatsix started the OGHF
in 2008 with the intention of providing a hub for the older gamer to find other on-line
gamers with a simular approach, that is to have a fair and fun fight on
a variety of FPS games. We run our own dedicated servers, hosted in a datacenter and
these give us the scope to run a broad variation of games and gametypes. Plus
add-on's that improve the gaming experience of the modern multiplay game,
where the publishers we not allow us commoners to have the files.

We do have fun scrims with other clans and also we will try to be active in a ladder
or 2, but as alot of us have families and commitments, time can be
an issue. So all we ask of our members is to help build a solid
community and keep the OGHF growing.

Our Servers:--

** NEW ** OGHF#1 [B3] CONQ48 | Classic Fly Maps | 200% Tks

** NEW ** OGHF#2 [B3] TDM32 | Hardcore Killing | Adaptive Tks

** NEW ** OGHF#3 [B3] TBC

Our OGHF server specific xlrstats are here:-


We run Bigbrother Bot on all our servers to ensure fair player, admins are also present very regularly in the day and night. The B3 functions are also backed up with the Procon Frostbite tool.

All our servers are also configured to use cheat streaming services in order to keep them as clean as possible...

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