Ground Zer0 Gaming
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Platoon Presentation

We are a great group of PC
multi-gamers with a wide variety
of ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

The goal of our clan is to provide
a fun place where people can
play and have fun whipin' up on
people together with their friends.

We also have some very,
very talented players and enjoy
doing competitive ladders
in every game we play.

The site is updated on a daily basis
with content related to the clan and
PC gaming in general, and it is the
perfect place to go to communicate
with eachother, get more involved
with the clan, or apply to be a member.

Thank you to all of the current members
for your support and helping to make
us one of the best clans on the internet.
Thanks for being a part of
Ground Zer0 Gaming!


Teamspeak: pw= nohacks

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