MyLittlePony Adventure
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Platoon Presentation

We the ponies.

As stated in the declaration of pony-pendance.

Shall go fourth into the night!

To join the herd trot on over to the corral via the above link and register your hoof print there and make it known your intentions.

Platoon feed

  • -D2K-Wallf wrote on the wall for MyLittlePony Adventure:
    Hey guys, I'm just seeing if anyone is still hanging around in BF3 or 4??
  • PapaFranku56 wrote on the wall for MyLittlePony Adventure:
    Hey guys we have just merged with Deadly Intentions as they are ol' chaps and we seem to not be as active as much as them. So go head over to their platoon page and click apply :D. Most of the current active members are there already or are going to join. If you don't want to join DI, then that's fine. It was a good time playing with you :)
    ChullyBun Us hard core bf3 players
    5 years ago