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Joining our platoon does NOT make you a member of XT Squad. You must first apply and be accepted at the link below if interested.

Join us at www.xtsquad.com/apply

NOTE: Please do NOT apply if:
You are not 100% sure you want to be in a clan.
You expect to be a full member immediately. (Can sometimes take a few weeks to be voted in.)
You do not plan on ever getting a Mic to join our Mumble.
You do not like to have fun.
You are a total dick (sometimes total dicks are accepted anyway, but not if we aren't having fun as well).

The XT Squad was founded to provide a place where friends can get together and enjoy playing online games as a tight-knit group. Our number one squad rule is loyalty to other XT members. We always play together and always support one another. We do not tolerate cheating of any kind and believe in honor. We understand you have a life outside of games, so we are not like all the other clans with the mandatory meetings/practices/scrimmages , minimum ranks or skills, member dues, and what-have-you. We firmly believe that games should be fun, not work. We do not require you to be a member or play every day to come hang out with us. We only request our friends and members to be respectful, mature and work as a team. When you have a group of guys that work as a team and support one another.. you can dominate a server full of lone wolves.

We started as a group of friends who wanted to play Joint Operations together all the time, but have since branched out to include other multiplayer online games. We currently have over 80 active members across several platforms and game titles. We primarily play "First Person Shooter", but play other style games including, but not limited to: MMORPG, RPG, FPS, and RTS.

Once in game, we consider ourselves all equal in rank. We are on nightly, we have Mumble server for chat. Most of the guys are part of our clan but we do have a handful that have played with us for several years that are not members.. but they are still like family. We are mostly above 30 yrs old, with a few younger yet mature ones, and a few over 40.

What is expected of members and guests:

• You will be respectful towards other members of eXtreme Tactics, recruits, and the guests who populate our servers.

• You will not hack or exploit in any way, shape, or form.

• You are held responsible for your identity (GUID). If anything should happen because you shared your information, CD Key, etc... Will be your responsibility, if you get banned from in-game for hacking, you will be removed from XT Squad.

• You will remain an active part of this community/family, by playing on our servers, being active in the forums, and being online on Mumble.

Join us at www.xtsquad.com/apply

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